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The awareness of Mold related Illnesses has come a long way in the last ten years and leaps and bounds the last two years.  More and more doctors are jumping on the Functional medicine band wagon to increase their value, but how true are they being to their patients? More and more FMD’s are creating an online presence and service to reach more patients without having to worry about distance.  Online examinations and sending collected blood and urine samples via currier for analysis is becoming a thing. This is the evolution of FMD’s as they fight for acceptance and dominance in their new niche (field) until it becomes more main stream and finding a good local FMD is available to those in need.

Mold is not going away any time soon and new building practices are making it easier for mold to grow in new homes. As legislation requires new homes to be more energy efficient the tighter more energy efficient homes become a better breeding ground for mold growth.  And if you are immune deficient a new home off gassing toxins from paints, stains, glues and other building materials, could be just as dangerous to you as an old moldy home. Read more here

I guess the choice in finding a good FMD is going to have to be one of solid due diligence on your part.  If you care about your health, really care, then you are going to have to look very close at weather or not you want a doctor that is halfway across the country and sit in front of a computer, tablet or phone to get a diagnosis.  The other option is to travel whatever distance to visit your new FMD.

Here are a few suggestions that should help you find the FMD that is right for you.

                i               Read all the online reviews about the doctor
                ii              Talk to current and former patients of the doctor
                iii             Find out how long the doctor has been practicing
                iv             Talk to his or her staff and ask a lot of questions (if you have mold sickness this should be easy for you)
                v              Extensively interview new FMD online before traveling long distances.
                vi             Ask to see the doctors credentials, certificates etc…
                vii            And finally; ask the doctor why they became a FMD

If you have any questions or concerns about your home and if it might be responsible for making you sick, please contact: or call (615) 435- 9012