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Transportation Safety and Decontamination

With the unknown looming of terrorist threats and new influenza/biological strains, the public’s safety concern while using mass transportation has been growing over recent years since September 11th.  Realizing that biological contamination can occur anywhere and at anytime, AuntieGen is ready to be dispatched within hours of any contamination problem and to provide proactive measures before hand as well.

Using AuntieGen, Inc.’s mitigation technology, we provide services to decontaminate transportation spaces such as airplanes, buses, cruise ships and trains with our system or point-of-contact spraying system for use in very small or open areas.  AuntieGen can work with you on an as-needed basis or as an ongoing services dependent upon your specific needs.

Decontamination Applications:

  • Commercial airlines and private aircraft
  • Cruise ships and private boats
  • Subway and metro trains
  • Rental cars and New/Used Dealership inventories
  • Buses and bus stations

The AuntieGen Advantage:

  • Environmentally-friendly (biodegradable)
  • Support of trained personnel
  • Cost-effective pricing with value added services
  • Superb efficacy (99.9999999 or 9-Log Kill Reduction)

The Log Kill Reduction Explanation:

To keep the individual numbers manageable, microbiologists usually express them using scientific notation.

Similarly, when calculating the magnitude of the change in cell number, microbiologists often use a logarithmic scale (log scale). Simply speaking, taking the log value of a large number, such as the number of cells killed in a disinfectant test, transforms it into a smaller one that is easier to work with.

Understandably, this “scientist shorthand” often prompts questions concerning how to translate log reductions to percent reductions and vice versa.

A series of true mathematical statements showing a pattern is presented below. If you can identify the pattern, then you are well on your way to understanding the relationship between log reduction and percent reduction.

  • 1 log kill reduction = 90% reduction
  • 2 log kill reduction = 99% reduction
  • 3 log kill reduction = 99.9% reduction
  • 4 log kill reduction = 99.99% reduction
  • 5 log kill reduction = 99.999% reduction
  • 6 log kill reduction = 99.9999% reduction  (Next best products on the market)
  • 9 log kill reduction = 99.9999999% reduction (One thousand times more effective than 6 log kill reduction)

As the series demonstrates, if a log reduction is a whole integer, then its numerical value equals the number of nines in the percent reduction figure.

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