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When Disaster Strikes…

When Disaster Strikes…

When a disaster strikes, AuntieGen can help.

Until recently, the responsibility of cleaning a crime or trauma scene was solely the responsibility of the victim’s family, friends or co-workers. The additional burden of cleaning the scene at a time when they are already emotionally traumatized is overwhelming. Emotions aside, it is a difficult task even with the proper training and equipment.

We 100% decontaminate scenes containing blood, bodily fluids, decomposed body fluids, body tissues, vomit, feces, animal waste and/or other potentially bio-hazardous substances, even Meth lab residue.

AuntieGen uses a biodegradable formula that eradicates all toxic living organisms created from this type of contaminated scene. It is the best option families and businesses have for dealing with the aftermath of tragic situations. We specialize in the abatement of blood, bodily fluids and tissue that contaminate scenes of accident, suicide, homicide, unattended death. We also clean & decontaminate instances of Meth Lab Decontamination, pack-rat/hoarding behaviors & gross filth situations.

Our goal is to ensure that no family member, friend or co-worker will have to personally endure the additional emotional trauma of clearing the aftermath of the injury or death of a loved one.

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