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Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Contractor & MOLD

People are becoming more aware of the dangers of mold.  There are doctors that are becoming experts in the symptoms and treatments for affected individuals that have become mold sensitive due to long term exposures.  I am 100% sure that all of these people would go back in time to test their homes for mold before getting sick to avoid the life changing horror their lives have become.  If you are renovating, representing, buying or selling, you should protect yourself as well as the other parties involved.

There are many reasons why the mold could be hidden and not seen

  • Small slow leaks from water lines, drains, exterior sheeting, doors, windows,  roofing or flooding.
  • Poor contractor workmanship.
  • New construction materials infected with mold before installation.
  • Sump pump fail due to short power outage and then the pump turns back on when the power is restored.  If you are not home or don’t frequent the basement, you might never know.
  • HVAC’s duct system sweating behind the walls, in the attic or in the crawl space.

Here is why a mold test makes sense:

  • If the mold is not visible then the problem is usually not as bad as when it has had time to become visible.  Less cost to repair.
  • If you sell a home with mold, you could be held responsible to come back and pay for repairs that would have been much less expensive when you sold the home.
  • If you buy a home with mold, it will usually take some time before the unseen mold issue comes to the surface and if the seller has vanished, the cost to repair could be yours alone.
  • If you are the agent or contractor or record and sell a home with mold issues, your reputation could be tarnished. And or you could be held liable for part or all of the cost of repairs.
  • More than 80% of all structures in the US has a mold issue to some degree.
  • Lastly, more and more of these situations are ending up in very expensive court battles.  And all this can be avoided by…..

Having an inexpensive thorough mold test completed as part of the real estate transaction

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