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Ultra Violet Light, Mold, Bacteria, Viruses and Toxins

For a long time we have been staying away from the Ultra Violet light method of killing molds, bacteria, viruses and being able to neutralize toxins. HVAC systems that have such a light installed can cost as much as $1200.00 to install and then making sure the bulb does not go out becomes your responsibility and or the HVAC company maintenance program (if they have one) to check if the bulb is working once or twice a year. Your UV light protection might not be in operation for up to 11 months and you wouldn’t even know about it. So we dove in to find out more when it comes to UV light protection.

There are THREE levels of UV light protection and only ONE that is recognized by the FDA and EPA to kill all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, both gram negative and gram positive bacteria as well as neutralize toxins. This is called a Germicidal UV-C light. The light waves are measured in NM (Nano-Meters) and this light gives off between 100 and 280 NM of wavelength which is the number the FDA and EPA require any fixture or bulb to be sold as such.

If you find a fixture or bulb that claims to be a Germicidal UV-C light, make sure it has an EPA registration number. The EPA has strong requirements when it comes to our health.

So now the problem is: How do you know your HVAC company is putting a Germicidal UV-C light bulb into your system? Trust only goes so far and some HVAC techs are young and inexperienced. With all these variables, we are not happy or satisfied our health can be secure in our own homes. We can not and would not recommend a service company that only does routine maintenance to make sure bulbs stay lit and working.

With Germicidal UV-C light fixtures ranging in cost from $180.00 to $20,000.00 we have made it our mission to find you the home owner wanting reliable Germicidal UV-C light protection in a unit, fixture or bulb that you can maintain yourself and always know if the bulb is working or not. Sounds like a tall order.

BULB – You can’t just put a bulb in a lamp and leave it on in your child’s room as the bulb emits low level radiation when exposed directly

FIXTURE – A fixture has to have a secure location for the bulb that will not allow exposure of the light to human skin. Furthermore, the unit will also have to have a blower or fan that makes the air go past the light to be effective. Air flow becomes the biggest problem. There are some fixtures that sit on table tops with no containment of the UV-C Light but still no Air Flow. In order for a unit to be truly effective in needs to have ACH (Air Changes per Hour). This means: How many times all of the air in a particular sized room passes through the unit for one hour.

We found such a unit, what’s more the unit is portable (on wheels) light weight, has a Germicidal UV-C light contained within the unit, has a two speed fan that will circulate the air in a 13’ X 13’ (165 Sq Ft) room 6 times per hour (achieving 6 ACH) and you will always know if the bulb is working or not. Lastly the unit has built in heater with separate controls for the winter months.

We showed the unit to a number of people in the industry and two doctors, one of functional medicine and they both loved it. When asked how much the price for such a unit should be they both said the price should be between $300 and $400

Here is what we found: