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In considering construction or building loans from our bank, we want to address the area of mold damage, during and after project completion.

  1. Does your company offer a mold warranty as part of the warranty package?
  2. How does you company handle mold issues, before during and after construction?
  3. Would you consider an outside vendor to treat your project and provide the warranty?

From the AuntieGen website:

Attention construction professionals and DIYers

You can build mold prevention into your construction plans. The threat of mold litigation is becoming a large concern in the industry. As a builder, you have little control over how materials are stored and handled prior to arriving on the job site, yet if a mold condition develops, you could be held responsible.

Pre-treatment of building materials provides you and your customer with additional peace of mind. It is no secret that mold can be disturbing news. Consequently, more professional builders are taking a proactive approach and having homes protected during construction. AuntieGen and our patented formula is the perfect application to build mold prevention into the homes you build. AuntieGen provides long-residual surface mold prevention. It is recommended for use on all construction materials. For as little as $1.00 per square foot we can offer your clients a 5 year warranty against mold growth.

We can treat your home during construction after framing, windows and doors have been installed and then again after drywall is installed before paint.

If you’re bank is offering building loans to construction companies, why not strongly suggest or make mandatory, a mold prevention treatment plan as part of the loan contract. One mold catastrophe can bankrupt a construction company and cause that company to default on the loan.

Please let us at AuntieGen come in and do a short presentation to explain how the product works and how we can do this.

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