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Currently other microbial treatment for mold is more than 30 years old and does not address the real problem.  We address residential, industrial and commercial remediation’s with our revolutionary new technology, based on recently declassified government research.

Once applied, extremely safe to people, pets, fabrics, leather, plastics, and electronics.

Kills all bacteria, viruses, mold (including mold spores/antigens) on contact. Can be applied to surfaces which have dirt or loose debris. Perfect for the average construction site.

EPA registered for porous surfaces, with special technology to penetrate and treat even the most porous materials.

AuntieGen eliminates everything from fire damage smoke to off-gassing of paints, stains, and other building products.

On both hard and soft surfaces, from walls and counters to carpets, upholstery, and drapes, AuntieGen kills mold, sterilizes, and treats against future mold growth all in one step.

Extremely cost-effective. Protects the builder from future claims, while protecting their customers checkbooks.

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AuntieGen Inc. was born from an idea. 

We had access to a product with unlimited potential but the product also had numerous volatile protocols.  Selling the product direct meant leaving the liability on who ever purchased the product.

Our service takes the responsibility away from cleaning maintenance companies, construction companies, mold remediation companies and property management companies.  We are an application company that crosses over into many different facets of everyday life while educating customers of the need to use our service.

AuntieGen’s application eradicates all molds, toxic molds, bacteria, virus and even neutralizes the mycotoxins produced form competing colonies of molds in the same space. Though a volatile cleaning agent while active the chemical compound begins to biodegrade after all harmful living organisms are eradicated and breaks down into carbon dioxide and water and becomes completely harmless.

Mold remediation companies have grown tremendously and are addicted to the business of reconstructing infected or damaged structures. Eliminating the mold and preventing it from coming back is our focus.  AuntieGen provides a written warranty and stands behind their work.

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