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There are a lot of questions that need to be answered to educate home owners regarding this issue, that if I don’t see the mold, I don’t have to address the mold.  We understand that the cost of mold remediation scares many people out of contracting proper mold remediation services for their homes. We know this is a huge mistake for many reasons which we will list later in this article, but first let’s talk about Visible and Non Visible Mold and how we can address these mistakes made when deciding on remediating or not remediating.

If you have Visible Mold anywhere in your home, whether it is Crawl Space, Attic, Basement, Bathroom or any room, this means you have COLONIZATION. This means you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of spores present in the room or area where it is visible.

What else does this mean? It means that molds are releasing spores to multiply and traveling around the room and even the rest of the home to spread. If you can’t see it then you have NON Visible Mold. When Visible Mold is present, it is almost guaranteed that you have Non Visible Mold throughout your home if….

  1. You have fans
  2. You have an HVAC system
  3. Air movement form doors and windows.
  4. Seasonal Humidity Fluctuation
  5. Condensation on windows, HVAC ducts, etc…
  6. Damp Crawl Space
  7. Attic with optimal conditions.

How does this happen and the reasons for not making the mistake of NOT REMEDIATING?  When you have NO mold in the home it is a great idea to have the fans running and air movement and HVAC running to condition the air, BUT after you have visible mold the fans, HVAC and any other air movement is bad as it will only help to spread the mold spores to areas of the home that are not infected yet.  And usually by the time you see Visible Mold it is already too late to stop the Non Visible Mold as it is most likely already spread throughout your home.

This is why your entire home and HVAC system should be remediated and not just where the visible mold is found.

If you find one area in your crawl space or attic with mold, then the entire crawl space or attic needs to have the insulation removed and all wood surfaces need to be cleaned and scrubbed. Otherwise the Non Visible Mold that is most definitely in the insulation will find a way to start growing again after your contractor has left and you will have a mold problem again in a few short years.

If you have visible mold, please contact AuntieGen today.