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Attention Construction Professionals and DIY’ers

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Build mold prevention into your construction plans. The threat of mold litigation is becoming a large concern in the industry. As a builder, you have little control over how materials are stored and handled prior to arriving on the job site, yet if a mold condition develops, you will be held responsible.

Pre-treatment of building materials provides you and your customer with additional peace of mind. It is no secret that mold can be disturbing news. Consequently, more professional builders are taking a proactive approach and having homes protected during construction. AuntieGen and our patented formula is the perfect application to build mold prevention into the homes you build. AuntieGen provides long-residual surface mold prevention. It is recommended for use on all construction materials. When the average home cost about $100.00 per square foot to build it just makes sense to pretreat with AuntieGen. For as little as 50 cents per square foot we can offer your clients a 15 year warranty against mold growth.

We can treat your home during construction after framing, windows and doors have been installed and then again after drywall is installed before paint. We treat the home with the HVAC running to decon the entire system to protect the families moving into the homes you build.

The key to mold control is moisture control.

Solve moisture problems before they become mold problems and professional assistance from AuntieGen is required.

Mold Prevention Tips

  • Fix leaky plumbing and leaks in the building envelope as soon as possible.
  • Watch for condensation and wet spots. Fix source(s) of moisture problem(s) as soon as possible.
  • Prevent moisture due to condensation by increasing surface temperature or reducing the moisture level in air (humidity).
  • To increase surface temperature, insulate or increase air circulation.
  • To reduce the moisture level in air, repair leaks, increase ventilation (if outside air is cold and dry), or dehumidify (if outdoor air is warm and humid).
  • Keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) drip pans clean, flowing properly, and unobstructed.

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