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MOLD CENTRAL: Health Issues – Is Your Child Safe?

Has your child been Quarantined?

Has your child been Quarantined at his or her school YET because of Toxic mold, H1N1, Bird flu or Zika virus? It is happening in schools all over the country.

If you are the:

  • Mayor
  • City Council Member
  • Town Council Member
  • School District Member
  • Principle
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student

We at AuntieGen, Inc. are experts when it comes to emergency outbreak response and in the field of mold, infectious organisms such as type A influenza and B influenza, SWINE flu (H1N1) MRSA, C-Diff, SARS, and hundreds of other living infectious organisms. Our  teams can mobilize within a few hours after an outbreak. Not unlike an E.M.S response team our employees are standing by at a moments notice in most major cities if such an outbreak occurs. Our rapid response team members have the tools, resources and capabilities to handle an H1N1 (Swine flu) outbreak of any size in any institution. We have a disaster readiness protocol in place and specific protocols for any and every major outbreak.  We have the ability to mitigate any outbreak in most cases four to eight hours thus providing limited disruption to business or education.

Antiviral Treatment Applications For Schools and Buses by AuntieGen
Containing the spread of pathogenic organisms, particularly the H1N1 virus, is an enormous challenge to health and school officials.   Already considered pandemic, experts are predicting its continued spread.   There are over 55 million children in over 125,000 schools across America.  The vast majority being transported daily on over 440,000 buses.   Providing protection from the spread of the H1N1 virus has been considered an impossible challenge  until now.

Advanced technology patented by the federal Government for use against biological warfare agents is now available for control of pandemics.  Authenticated to kill the highest levels of viruses and pathogenic organisms, it provides residual protection on surfaces to control future transmission of organisms.   Registered in all fifty states and with the USEPA, safe and non-toxic application technology.  AuntieGen represents the most advanced and effective antiviral technology on the market.

Combined with advanced electrostatic spray technology, the application of this powerful technology by trained professionals is far superior to traditional chemical and wipe-down procedures. Successfully deployed in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, transportation authorities and teams such as the Minnesota Twins.

Moreover, our applicator network is comprised of highly trained decontamination experts.  Millions of square feet of facilities containing microbial contamination have already been successfully decontaminated. The resources and abilities to implement a treatment and response strategy for preventative protection for our schools is in place for immediate response.

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