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MOLD: Your Baby’s Compromised Immune Systems, Who it Effects and Why

Your baby’s immune system is a lot different than yours.  Your immune system has had years to develop and become strong.  You feel strong and think your baby is strong because of inherited genes. This could not be further from the truth.  Small exposures to mold will over time break down your immune system’s ability to protect you from invasion of harmful living organisms like molds, toxins, bacteria and viruses.  Picture your immune system like the wires on a cars distributor cap.  Over time the wires wear thin and finally break down.  The bare wire is exposed and now the car starts acting up, does not run smoothly.  Your immune system is the same way.  Continued exposure to mold and its toxins break down your body’s natural defense system.  Once your immune system has been compromised you start to lose the ability to fight off the effects these toxins have on your body and you become sick.

YOUR BABY HAS NO DEFENSE  New born babies are born with undeveloped immune systems and are much, much more susceptible to toxin invasion when exposed to mold. One or two exposures can have devastating effects on babies as well as elderly people with immune systems that have been compromised and are not nearly as strong as they once were. If you are pregnant or have a new born and suspect a mold problem in your home, place of work, or a place that you frequently visit,  you are likely exposing your baby to mold toxins. 

What do you do?

  1. Have your home tested for mold, Call a professional.
  2. Spend  little time or NO time at these places until the tests are complete
  3. Talk to your doctor about suspected mold
  4. Talk to your doctor about Spending time out in the fresh air and sunlight

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