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When mold growth occurs in buildings, adverse health problems may be reported by some building occupants, particularly those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Mold is a common occurrence in many hidden places around the home and in buildings. Mold typically forms on carpet and padding, especially in basements or if not addressed after a flood or pipe break. Mold also grows in not so visible areas such as on structural beams, under floor beams, on sheetrock walls and paneling, and around leaking sewer pipes.  If not corrected, mold can cause structural damage and pose a potential health risk.

Here are some of remediations we will perform for you:

  1. Drywall, carpet, insulation and porous material tear out
  2. Flood damaged homes from weather, pipe break or sewer back up
  3. Removal of infected furniture, personal items or foreign intrusions
  4. Drying, dehumidification, and treatment of all savable hard surface items
  5. 100% full tear out if needed.

AuntieGen will only remove what is necessary to make your home safe to live in.  We keep build back materials yields in mind to save you money.

To discuss how we can help make your home or business a safe environment Contact AuntieGen today.