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My “Story” shares numerous similarities with the mold stories of countless others.

From Sandy.

I had unexplained body pain (including a trip to the emergency department to rule out appendicitis), brain fog, unexplained weight gain, fatigue, and depression and anxiety “out of the blue” like I had never experienced. I am a mental health counselor and none of the traditional mental health tricks were working. I knew that, medically, I was about to be labeled “crazy” or “histrionic.”  But I also knew my body and I knew that something wasn’t right. It had to be physiological.

I sought out the help of a functional medicine provider.  Despite treatment for over a year, we really weren’t making a lot of headway.  We had remediated our house (or so we thought) but symptoms, although less severe, were still very present in my day-to-day life. My functional medicine provider did additional testing and told me that there was still mold somewhere.

First, we contacted a company to remediate our crawl space.  The cost was over $10,000 and we were told that it likely wouldn’t resolve all our issues but would significantly decrease them.  I don’t think the “big companies” get it- you can’t just do the work “halfway.” My Mom had told me a little about Scotty and the work that he did so we contacted him.  FINALLY, there was someone that understood the Hell I had been living through.

Scotty came to our home and took care of everything.  He was clear about what he was going to do and assured us that things would improve.  He protected my saltwater fish tank and my daughter’s snake cages. He was accurate in his time estimation and a delight to work with. Things improved INSTANTLY after treatment.

The difference in my air quality upon re-entering my house was unimaginable. I am happy to report that I have my life back. I have started mold treatment for my body again and I’m nearly as tired.  I will likely always be “mold sensitive.”  But, it is such a blessing to know that mold can be eliminated and there are service providers that get it.