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Dan Jones
Illinois Vice President of Operations

For the past six years Dan has owned and operated a very successful mold remediation company called Micro Mold Solutions in Northern Illinois.  Dan holds many certifications from the IICRC and his success, dedication and industry knowledge have forced him into the upper echelon of experts in the industry.  Dan’s passion and compassion for helping those effected by mold is second to none. Dan has over 20 years in the industry and is considered an expert in attic remediation.

Dan’s experience in managing people and streamlining processes will make him an extremely valuable member to the AuntieGen team.  We look forward to his impact on our business in many ways.

Jason Musard
Chief Financial Officer

Jason Musard is the vision master. Jason has the ability to look at situations from many different angles; he dissects, corrects and puts the team on the preferred path. Jason’s understanding of target markets and how to penetrate markets are among his many talents. Jason was a Program Principle and Consultant working with; Computer Sciences Corporation, IBM, Motorola, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Royal Mail Group, Zurich, Carrier, Otis Elevator, and BHP Billiton to name a few.

Jason’s responsibilities included but were not limited to: Project planning, scheduling, resource management and task tracking, business process mapping, business plan and financial model development, establishing organizational definition, priorities & structure, establishing audit process/protocols for all organizational operations, formulating corporate wide policies/procedures, planning and enterprise content management (strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents)

Jason has perfected the vision of AuntieGen, Inc. to its fruition.

Paul Bershatsky
Chief Executive Officer

Paul is our marketing and public relations facilitator. Paul is the driving force behind the exposure AuntieGen, Inc. has received to date. Paul’s years of experience in the mold remediation field and building trades along with a vision to help people live healthier lives through our service is what drives him.

Paul is a visionary and knows how to select, motivate and bring out the best in people. Paul has been with competitive mold remediation companies and has taken the good and positive aspects of this business along with access to our revolutionary product and blended it into AuntieGen.

Paul’s determination and vision of creating healthier living environments for all is now happening through the efforts AuntieGen, Inc.

Susan Musard
Deputy Financial Controller

Susan Musard was the Executive Administrator for Energy Transportation Department for a few of the Gulf States. In this role she handled accounts payable, employee payroll, registration and taxes on all vehicles, preparing the forecast monthly budget and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

Susan was also an Office Manager for a major tire reseller and was responsible for collecting 100% of debt owned in unpaid receivables. She was able to accomplish in one year what had not been done the previous four. While at Sprint PCS Corporate office Susan was responsible for tracking sales for all sprint retail stores before leaving to become the Office Manager of Strouhal Tire.

Susan’s contributions to the AuntieGen team are considerable, as she makes her transition seem easy.

Mark Keen
Eastern Tennessee Regional Manager

Mark has been with The Home Depot for 23 years. He has held every position in the store at one time or another. Mark’s knowledge of building materials and the building trades is unprecedented. His ability to manage and train people is also in his strengths. Mark is a hands on individual with book knowledge as well as common sense knowledge. Mark has also been working with us at AuntieGen since our inception. His has become one of the go to team members almost instantly.

Mark understands and has a vision that is shared with us at AuntieGen, Inc.

Richard Rubino
Virginia and Carolina’s Regional Manager

Richard, has worked at a competitive mold remediation company. His responsibilities included inspections, applications, managing and training staff. He has also been a leader and supervisor for the Long Island Railroad, Verizon, Comcast Cable and AT&T. Richard brings a very hard working work ethic with him as well as managing skills. Richard’s enthusiasm, intelligence and dedication are character traits he possesses and demonstrates on a regular basis.

Richard has found a home here at AuntieGen, Inc. and we look forward to many years of success with him.

Michael Sambevski
Kansas Regional Manager

Michael has a background in national service. Michael has been servicing and constructing stores in the home improvement industry for over 25 years. Michael shares our views and management style. Mike’s understanding of construction, materials, cause and effect is another welcomed attribute to the AuntieGen team.

Mike’s motto has always been: Measure twice, cut once.

Rich Idzik
Illinois Regional Manager

Rich Idzik is another Construction expert joining the AuntieGen team bringing with him over 28 years of general contracting and masonry experience. Rich was instrumental in construction projects for the Department Of Defense at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois.

Rich’s knowledge and understanding of business and business contracting will benefit the AuntieGen team.

Bryon James
AuntieGen Owner, Marathon, NY

Byron (Tommy) James staying true to form also comes to us from the ranks of Home Depot. Tommy had a fruitful 18 year career with Home Depot running the Distribution Center and opening multiple stores.  After a short stent with Tractor Supply he worked in interior construction in Central New York.  His many years in the home improvement industry and interior construction business have allowed him to see how mold situations can occur. 

Tommy has been through the IICRC WRT and AMRT training courses and has been in charge of in field services for the past two years.

Tommy’s attitude, hard work and determination are a true inspiration to the rest of the Auntie, Inc. team.

Joseph Rodriquez
AuntieGen Owner, Myrtle Beach, SC

Joe brought many years of construction experience to the team when he joined more than 5 years ago. Joe has grown up through the ranks of AuntieGen and has earned the right to own a piece of this business. Joe has demonstrated determination as well as patience and understanding when it comes to the AuntieGen Mission. Joe has a love for helping people in need and it comes from the heart.

Joe will continue to grow and lead as an example to others wishing to become part of the ownership team.