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Mycotoxins and Why You Are Sick

Mycotoxins are the toxins produced when there are two or more species of mold competing over the same space.  Molds produce these mycotoxins as a defense mechanism to insure their own survival.  Unfortunately these mycotoxins have an adverse reaction with most animals, including humans and pets. When you come in contact with these mycotoxins they can invade your body through the lungs, ingestion and absorption through the skin, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. One exposure to a person with a strong immune system might not be harmful but, long term exposure will break down the strongest of immune systems.  And, once your immune system has been compromised the rehabilitation is a long, tedious and difficult process.  The other problem is that once your immune system has been compromised you become sensitive to most other toxins produced by man made products, house hold products, cleaning products, and a huge laundry list of other products. You essentially have to live in a bubble until your immune system recovers.  You have to change your diet and eat foods that combat the toxins in your body as well as food to help your body detox or release the toxins.  There is NO miracle cure for detoxing the body but,  there are some diets and treatments proven to help greatly.

Now for the mycotoxins that are causing all the damage in the first place. There is a product on the market called MDF 500. MDF 500 neutralizes the toxins associated with mycotoxins (See picture)

There are lab results proving that this product 100% neutralizes the toxins associated with mycotoxin exposure. (see Mycotoxin efficacy study in: This is not going to cure you. At this point your immune system is already compromised and you will not see immediate results, but your home or office will no longer be contributing to your mycotoxin exposure. You may however still be feeling the effects of sensitivity to other toxins as discussed earlier. The first thing you should do is have your home or office treated to eliminate the mycotoxins left over from your remediation. If you have not remediated your home and you are living with mold. Schedule it immediately if not sooner.

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