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LOCATIONS: Texas | Houston

Houston, TX
6635 Sumner Isle Ct
Spring TX 77379
(713) 370-3967

Hurricane Harvey victims homes are more than just two months of an upside down life. If not remediated properly, you will have years of heartache. AuntieGen will help! Be healthy and safe in your home! AuntieGen delivers incredible mold prevention, but it also does much more. It gives you (the builder) a sense of security, while protecting the investment your buyers have in their homes. AuntieGen will give you peace of mind. Our technologies are so advanced that we offer 15 Year Warranty against mold problems on homes we have treated. We don’t offer loop-holes; we offer protection. Not only are our technologies superior, they are the most cost-effective, often about half of other anti-microbials on the market. READ MORE