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Attic Mold and Basement Mold, Are They Dangerous and Should You Be Aware of the Deadly Health Risks?

ATTIC MOLD: The attic is not a living space and some molds are light and will not invade your living space below, so why be alarmed?

  • There are usually more than one type of mold living in a confined space and when more than one mold is present they produce mycotoxins that are toxins that will invade your living space. These mycotoxins are the toxins that get into your body and cause systemic body poisoning.
  • Mold breaks down organic matter and causes wood decay and rot. After a period of time and untreated these molds will cause the integrity of your homes framed infrastructure to crumble to the ground, but you will be very sick before any of this even happens.
  • If you live in the south there is a good chance your air handler (HVAC system) is in the attic distributing these molds and mycotoxins throughout the house causing everyone in it to be exposed to these dangers.

BASEMENT MOLD: Unfinished basements are not living spaces either so why be alarmed?

A lot of molds are light and do travel up into your living space, even if your HVAC system is not in the basement.

If your HVAC is in the basement then the same principle applies….You HVAC is distributing dangerous mold and it toxins throughout your home.

There is one final issue. If you have mold then you have other problems that are causing the mold to grow.

In the Attic you might have:

  • A bathroom fan that vents into the attic.
  • Roof leak
  • Poor ventilation (restricted air flow)
  • High humidity.

In the Basement you might have:

  • Foundation leak
  • Clogged drain or slow drain
  • Standing water in the sump or drain
  • Unsealed sill-plate
  • Leaking pipe
  • Poor ventilation

Your health is important to us. If you have any of these problems contact a licensed and insured professional today.

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