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AuntieGen Anti-Microbial Fog Treatment

AuntieGen Anti-Microbial Fog Treatment

AuntieGen Anti-microbial fog treatment neutralizes a lot more than Mycotoxins.  If you are immune depressed because of mold exposure and are feeling the effects of exposure to off gassing from building materials, new carpet, furniture, chemical cleaners, and more please understand there is a remedy for your level of weakened immune response.  AuntieGen uses a formula that also kills all bacteria and virus’ eliminates the odors associated with water and fire damaged properties. To date there is NOTHING this formula does not kill.  The formula is also used in decontamination chambers for government workers or emergency personnel exposed to weapons of mass destruction or biological warfare.  There is NOTHING stronger of more effective than this product.

If you are worried about exposure to this product please visit:  the section of our website dedicated to the independent lab results regarding this amazing product.

Why fog instead of spray: Molds are living organisms and want to survive. When a mold colony is attacked (sprayed) the molds release spores in an attempt to hide from being eliminated. The spores will float until them land on another food source (wood, drywall, carpet, etc…) and survive the decontamination process.  This is why we FOG.  The decontaminating fog does not just fracture the mold spore, it SHATTERS all mold spores well below FRAGMENT size leaving what is left of the mold HARMLESS to you.

Lastly, The reason you as an immune deficient suffering victim needs to have your home decontaminated by this product is it bio-degradable properties. That’s right after just 6 hours after application this formula bio-degrades into CO2 and Water becoming completely safe!

Any questions? Welcome to an additional piece of the puzzle on your road to recovery.

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