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CIRS Chronic inflammatory response syndrome caused by mold toxicity or Lyme disease is becoming a recognizable worldwide problem. Those that suffer of or from this miserable condition are making professionals become aware of this debilitating illness, But they still get their labs drawn, but many people who don’t know how to understand their CIRS/mold toxicity lab results. That’s why we put together simple descriptions of the individual CIRS markers.

MARCoNS stands for Multiple Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci. This bacteria colonizes deep into the nasal cavity where the nostrils meet the throat. It is a different area than the sinuses. MARCoNS can produce biofilms which are slimy protective environments where other bacteria can grow and can cause chronic sinusitis. The biofilms can produce biotoxins that further increase inflammation and lower MSH levels. These nasty bacteria are involved in the viscous cycle of CIRS/mold illness and must be eliminated to get well.

MARCoNS usually come from our environment instead of from person to person contact. The reason people with CIRS get MARCoNS more often than healthy people, is because of the low MSH that allows it to grow. MSH protects the mucous membranes such as in the gut and nose. So when MSH is low, MARCoNS are able to take over. A positive culture will say MARCoNS POSITIVE, and a negative culture will say MARCoNS NEGATIVE.

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