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CIRS Chronic inflammatory response syndrome caused by mold toxicity or Lyme disease is becoming a recognizable worldwide problem. Those that suffer of or from this miserable condition are making professionals become aware of this debilitating illness, But they still get their labs drawn, but many people who don’t know how to understand their CIRS/mold toxicity lab results. That’s why we put together simple descriptions of the individual CIRS markers.

Sex Hormone Imbalance

Sex hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The ranges vary by gender, age and reproductive ability. Low testosterone and high estrogen are common in both men and women due to the upregulation of the enzyme aromatase. In other words, testosterone is converting to estrogen.

Low testosterone causes symptoms such as fatigue, low sex drive, and decreased muscle mass. High estrogen levels include weight gain, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Besides cortisol, the DUTCH test also measures sex hormone levels. This thorough DUTCH test, Genova or even blood can be done at:

Take responsibility for YOU and or the people you love?

CIRS must be addressed in a step by step, systematic process. First, get out of the mold. Then consider taking binders to get the mycotoxins out of your system. Taking binders, alone, will not cure this illness.

Mold damages the entire body and this is why you have symptoms coming from multiple symptoms. Even if the mold is out of your system, you have to repair the damage that it’s done. Getting rid of gut infections such as parasites, yeast, H. pylori, viruses, etc. is crucial so your body can heal.

Also, leaky gut must be repaired, sealed, and healed. Correcting sex hormone imbalance such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, as well as thyroid hormone imbalance assists in healing the body from CIRS.

Eating clean foods, exercise and getting plenty of uninterrupted sleep, eliminating toxin exposure, and opening up detox pathways is important. If chemical and food sensitivities are an issue, the inflammatory responses must be controlled so the immune system can calm down and work on healing the body.

Food sensitivity tests can also be helpful in identifying inflammatory triggers. Hormone testing, gut infection testing, food sensitivity testing can also be done.

These and the CIRS (mold/lyme) tests can be done by Dr. Eric Potter at:

There is hope and a way out of this illness! It just takes, time, patience, and faith…

If this may be affecting you or you would like help tackling this illness…

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