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Why remediation & decontamination and why AuntieGen, Inc.?

There is a large renewable market for quality service companies who specialize in emergency mitigation and decontamination. It is estimated that the remediation market is a $60 billion industry and growing.

It is unfortunate flood, storm, fire and water damage occurs every day.  There is also a growing epidemic called “Sick Building Syndrome” plaguing our children at school, our employees at work and our families at home. Therefore there is a consistent demand for AuntieGen, Inc. services. More importantly, our services are not only for discretionary purposes. Because property damage must be repaired and our families need to be safe, our business is unaffected by negative economic conditions.

The Strength of AuntieGen, Inc.

There is a tremendous amount of business opportunity available in your market for an AuntieGen, Inc. emergency mitigation and decontamination franchise. The fact is that emergency mitigation and decontamination work is a unique niche and requires specialists to complete a job the right way. AuntieGen, Inc. has developed a business model that allows a franchisee to develop and generate business through web marketing, regional referral partners and established vendor relationships. Strategic partners of the franchisor encourage work be given to the people they can trust will get the job done quickly and professionally. This means that the majority of mitigation and decontamination business is referred to the company with the best track record for response, quality work and job outcome. With the reputation and business development methods of AuntieGen, Inc., you can be one of those trusted mitigation and decontamination companies!

As a recognized regional innovator, AuntieGen, Inc. has a reputation for our response, work quality, and an absolute commitment to our referral agents. Our superior response and customer service approach carves out significant market share in every community we serve.

AuntieGen, Inc. is growing simply because we have only one focus; it’s assisting our decontamination franchise owners to succeed through the use of our proven methods of business development and quality services application. What you’ll find is that we are as fully committed to your business as you are. We will stand behind you from the very beginning and will remain right beside you while your business grows to meet your business and financial goals.

Why Franchise?

AuntieGen, Inc. is a recognized regional innovator in the emergency mitigation and decontamination industry. Our reputation is built on our response, ethics, quality, professionalism and our commitment to protecting our referral agent’s reputation, along with our own, by providing the absolute best customer service in the industry.

Once an AuntieGen, Inc. franchise is located, our senior staff becomes 100% committed to their individual local success. We consider our senior staff’s accessibility and directly accountability to be good business for us simply because it is the only way that we derive revenues, financial growth and overall success.

AuntieGen, Inc. services are in very high demand all over the nation. Our franchisees are successful due to our successful operational methods and proven relationship building business acquisition through superior training, technical guidance and in-territory support.

The remediation & decontamination industry is growing, despite recessionary times. The decontamination business has grown substantially and looks to continue to expand.  People need the services we provide despite an economic recession.  AuntieGen, Inc. helps you launch your business franchise and get clients immediately, the model is designed to support and cultivate your growth in a short time period.  The Decontamination marketing system is built to develop a client base in a short time period through efficient and manageable marketing techniques.

Who is AuntieGen, Inc.?

AuntieGen, Inc. is the remediation’s and decontamination industries’ leading marketing and new business development franchise company in the United States.  AuntieGen, Inc. is owned and operated by a management team with decades of experience in the decontamination business and in marketing and selling decontamination services.  The management team of AuntieGen, Inc.  is still in the decontamination business and currently runs a large business in New York , with 15 current franchisees in business, AuntieGen, Inc. is poised for growth in markets across the United States.

Services Provided by AuntieGen, Inc,:

  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Prevention
  • Mold Inspection
  • Air Testing Services
  • Air Duct Decontamination/Chiller Tower Decontamination
  • Crime Scene Clean
  • Meth Lab Decontamination

AuntieGen, Inc. provides thriving and highly successful business opportunities for emergency response and property reconstruction damaged by storms, water leaks, fires, smoke damage, wind, vandalism and more. We are looking for motivated individuals interested in owning and operating a high volume, high margin mitigation and decontamination franchise business in their market.

We perform remediation & decontamination for both residential and commercial properties making a very healthy revenue stream for your franchise model.

Fire Damage and Meth Lab Contamination ~ are the most devastating disasters that can happen to a property, AuntieGen, Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in decontamination and construction following fires and illegal meth labs.

Are You Ready For A Decontamination Franchise?

Do you have what it takes to be an AuntieGen, Inc. Team Member?

Contact us to find out.

Please note this franchise is accepting inquires from within the United States ONLY. Interested parties should have at least $75,000 to invest.

Financing through AuntieGen is available.